Thursday, December 1, 2011

we love the holidays

after four years of marriage we have finally purchased our very own christmas tree. yes that is right, we have never put up a christmas tree before. we are never usually home for christmas and we would normally put out our cute little nativity set, and that was usually enough for decorations in our home. but not this year. which is funny because we now have three cats that like to get into everything and as soon as we put up our tree they have been chewing on it and trying to sleep in it. right now it is in a very sad state which is why i have no pictures of it, but as soon as we buy more ornaments and fix the branches i will gladly show the world our very first christmas tree.

other things we are enjoying this holiday season:
*cinnamon scented pine cones
*mcdonalds hot chocolate
*warm pretzel bites from the prezeltmaker
*warm sweaters
*pajama pants to lounge in

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