Friday, April 15, 2011

i'm baaaaack....

okay, so i never really went anywhere. i just got kinda bored {and lazy} with blogging but i have been re-inspired so here we are.
i will recap benjamin's birthday because this is his blog too. {and he probably would be mad if i didn't : ) } we celebrated in true benjamin fashion. what does that mean? we went to the pet store and adopted a new kitty. ben really wanted her and i couldn't say no. i am a sucker for cute animals.  her name is kate and she is a tabico. she is about a year old and very shy but oh soo cute. sam loves having kate around. they sleep and play together all of the time.
i am married to a 27 year old!
sadly we couldn't make it to coachella fest this year {something about tickets being sold out hours after they went on sale. lame} but i am still going to pretend i am there by wearing summer clothes, cute sunnies and listening to good music, which may or may not include britney spears' new song 'til the world ends' ha! 
{me pretending to be cool}


Daniel and Whitney Condie said...

Cute kitty!

caro said...

haha finally you're blogging again! it's just that tumblr is soo much fun!