Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i love getting toys from mcdonalds

this is fluttershy. she is subbing for me at work today so i can take a much needed nap.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

palm desert, ca

last weekend ben and i went to palm desert, ca to visit ben's brother in law scott. we were so ready for a vacation, even if it was a short one. we loved the warm weather! it was a nice break from freezing utah.
the really nice air mattress we slept on. it even had a headboard. and i am not being sarcastic about how nice it is. it was probably the best air mattress i have ever slept on.
the house that we stayed at was really nice. not only did they had the best air mattress ever, they also had a real zebra rug. ben never stepped on it.
scott took us to the living desert, a really cool zoo in palm desert. we saw tons of cool animals including these zebras. and...
this african sand cat {we actually can't remember if this is a sand cat}. he hissed at ben and it was the funniest thing ever! we also saw...
goats and cattle. 
and i rode a camel. 
for lunch we went to ruby's diner. it was a cute 50's themed diner and their cherry coke was very refreshing after a hot morning at the zoo. 
later in the day we went up the palm springs tram. it was fun and scary {i am afraid of heights} but i would totally go up there again. 
here is scott showing us how high up we are. see those lights down there? that's palm springs/palm desert. yeah we were up that high.
the following morning we woke up semi-early to go to the street fair. we had the best slushy lemonade and i think ben really enjoyed his baby back ribs. after the fair and an awesome shopping experience at anthropologie, it was back on the road to utah. thank you scott for the awesome weekend. and also a huge thanks to mike, scott's boss, for letting us stay with you guys and for letting scott have the weekend off to play with us. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

this is what happens...

when i am left to close the studio by myself and no one wants to be my model. i start practicing lighting on myself.
{see the remote in my hand? yeah...}

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hottie alert!

ben might kill me for this but he is just so cute that i can't help myself. look at my hot husband. i am lucky.

Monday, January 3, 2011

this cracks me up...

i know this picture is like a month old, but i still laugh every time i look at it. ben is silly. 
and i love him. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!

new year, new goals, new pictures. ben and i celebrated the new year by staying in (it's freezing in utah) and watched movies. it was really nice. we both have made a list of goals for 2011. most of ben's goals include army stuff and mine include college stuff. this is the year i will get it done! 

we decided to be lazy today. it was the first saturday in a while that i haven't had to work, so i slept in, had mcdonalds for breakfast, and watched mtv shows online. ben was feeling sick, so he took a nap for most of the day. samantha did nothing except bug us for food every time we went to the kitchen. she is cute. 

first picture of us in 2011